CS4PR Receives Lions Club Donation of $800

Complete Streets for Prince Rupert is grateful for the Lions Club of Prince Rupert's generous donation of $800.  We are happy that the Lions Club shares Complete Streets for Prince Rupert's goal of safer, more accessible and more enjoyable streets for everyone. 

Complete streets are streets designed to be safe and accessible by people of all ages, abilities and modes of travel.  This money will be used to further promote the concept of complete streets in Prince Rupert.  Specifically, the money will be spent on banners, stickers and other promotional material to be shared at Seafest, 2018.  

Everyone, no matter their age, ability or mode of travel, has the right to safe mobility.  Cities all over North America are proving that walkable and bikable communities are healthier, happier and more prosperous.

We look forward to continuing to partner with the Lions Club of Prince Rupert for the benefit of our community. 

Thank you!