Northern Health Endorses Complete Streets for Prince Rupert

On June 4th, Northern Health officially endorsed Complete Streets for Prince Rupert.

The letter was signed by Dr. Rakel Kling, North West Medical Health Officer. We appreciate the contributions of many individuals who helped realize this endorsement. We feel this endorsement brings us one step closer to safer, more accessible and more enjoyable streets in Prince Rupert.

The text of the endorsement reads as follows:

“Healthy People in Healthy Communities is a Northern Health priority as we partner with communities to support people to live well and prevent disease and injury. With this goal in mind, Northern Health is pleased to endorse Complete Streets for Prince Rupert.

A community’s built environment must promote the health of its citizens. We acknowledge that Complete Streets is an internationally recognized design framework that aims to better accommodate the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and other vulnerable road users. Complete streets are streets that have been designed to be safe, accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages, abilities and modes of travel. When streets have been designed to facilitate physical activity, the whole community benefits. More people choose to be active, there are fewer crashes and serious injuries, people drive less which helps clear the air, and citizens feel happier and more socially connected.

It should be easy and convenient for people to choose to walk, ride bicycles or take transit to access education, employment, shopping, healthcare, recreation, cultural events and social connections. Complete streets would make a significant contribution toward a healthier Prince Rupert.”