"I enjoy life by cycling every day." An Interview with Curtis Bolton

On a recent beautiful day, CS4PR had the honour of interviewing a local Prince Rupert legend, Curtis Bolton.

CS4PR: Hi Curtis!  Please tell us about yourself.

Curtis:  Hi. Curtis Bolton.  Born and raised in Prince Rupert.  Originally from Masset. Finished high school in ‘82.  Started working roofing at 20 years old. Did roofing for 10-15 years.  Now I’m a full-time bottle collector. Got hit twice by two cars. First one, split my helmet right in half and the second one... I was lucky I put it backwards or else I would have broke my nose.

CS4PR: Curtis, when did you start riding your bicycle?

Curtis:  I started doing this about 15 years ago after I had a mild heart attack.  And ever since then, been on the bike. Don’t drink. Don’t smoke.

CS4PR:  So you started riding your bicycle for your health.

Curtis:  That’s right.  And now that I got grandkids, I’d like to see them all before I kick the bucket.

CS4PR:  What do you think would make it easier for your grandkids to ride their bikes around?

Curtis:  It’d make it easier if we had bike lanes in the city.  Like Terrace. Like Vancouver. I’ve seen their bike lanes in Vancouver.  They’re awesome. And the people who cross into the bike lanes, they get fined.  And that’s what we need around here. For our safety, the adults' and the kids'. There’re so many kids now riding bikes, especially when the summer’s coming, eh?  Ya. Other than that, I love riding. I’m healthy all my life. I played basketball, soccer.

CS4PR: What has cycling done for you?

Curtis:  It has done lots.  Puts food on the table for me.  Pays my rent. Gives the kids money when they need it.  I have four daughters all grown and I love them dearly.

CS4PR: So people see you carrying a lot of cans and bottles with your trailer.  Can you tell us about that?

Curtis:  Oh yeah. They stop right in the middle of traffic.  They’ll honk at me, “Curtis! Do you want empties?” “Sure!  I’ll take ‘em!” Every day. Seven days a week, except I guess Sunday off for resting.  But I love my job. I’m a part-time roofer. Last year roofing. Be 57 this year. And I enjoy life by cycling every day.

CS4PR: Do you have a message for the people of Prince Rupert?

Curtis:  Oh yes. I’d like to thank all the people of Prince Rupert for supporting me through my bottle collection and get on board.  And you for making it safe for the kids and for us to ride in the city.

CS4PR: Thank you so much, Curtis!

Curtis:  Thank you and have a good day!