Tell Us Which Prince Rupert Streets are 'Dangerous by Design'

CS4PR is attempting an experiment. Call it crowd sourcing of information about points around Prince Rupert are particularly dangerous for people who walk, use wheelchairs, ride bicycles or drive.  We want to know which points around Prince Rupert are dangerous by design.

Please describe a location around Prince Rupert that you find hard/scary to navigate safely, whether on foot, rolling, scooting, cycling or driving. We'll try to compile this information, perhaps on a Google Map, and present it to City Council in the future to advocate for safer infrastructure. Here's an example:

"Anytime of day - the crosswalk from the Scotia Bank to Bargain store - when there are cars parked in front of Scotia Bank and you are driving west, it is almost impossible to see potential pedestrians ready to step off the curb. In the early evening with the sun in your eyes, it is even worse."

Please post your 'hot spots' on our Facebook page.

Thank you!