CBC Covers Complete Streets as 7 Pedestrians Hit at Prince Rupert Crosswalks in 2017

We're happy that the CBC has decided to cover the situation of the streets in Prince Rupert.

While, this article briefly describes  the 'complete streets' approach to making roads safer for all users, there is one point that could use clarification. 

It's written, "Lightfoot said his three key priorities for the city would be adding curb extensions, reducing speed limits through the downtown and adding separated bike or alternative transport lanes."

Lowering vehicle speeds is important for reducing the frequency and severity of crashes.  However, rather than reducing vehicle speeds by setting and enforcing lower speed limits, the most effective way to slow vehicles is to change the design of our streets.   "According to our review of available studies, emphasizing those with adequate methodological designs, modification of the built environment can substantially reduce the risk of pedestrian–vehicle crashes [my emphasis]."  

On complete streets, planning for safe and comfortable access for people who walk, roll, cycle, and ride transit is a priority, not an afterthought.