Proposed Bypass Paves Way for Traffic Calming Downtown

At present, McBride Street and 2nd Avenue West are currently under Provincial Highways jurisdiction.  This limits the City of Prince Rupert's ability to make changes to these routes.  Also, with so much Port traffic on these roads, major street modifications, for example road diets, are unlikely to happen (Bulb-outs and pedestrian-controlled intersections may be another matter.).  However, with the Port of Prince Rupert now dedicated to building a route for heavy traffic that completely bypasses downtown, the City of Prince Rupert comes one step closer to achieving municipal jurisdiction over McBride Street and 2nd Avenue West.  If The City is able to regain control over McBride St. and 2nd Ave. West, the potential for quality of life improvements that would accrue by making them safe and comfortable for people of all ages, abilities and modes of travel becomes a greater possibility.